Privacy First

We're committed for keeping your privacy above all.

No Personal Information.

Our reports consist only of aggregated anonymous data that represents the trends and patterns of multiple customers. We do not include any personal information nor information regarding individual shopper movement.

Non-Identifiable Data Collected.

We collect only non-identifiable data as sent by mobile devices. This information includes MAC-address, manufacturer and the signal strength. We do not collect any personal data regarding the phone's owner.

Data Encryption and Storage.

All of the data is transferred securely and stored on Amazon AWS servers. Once collected, the data is encrypted (hashed) in a non reversible way using a SHA-1 algorithm to match the highest security standards.

Easy Opt-Out and Deletion.

Shoppers with any concerns can easily opt out of participation and delete all of their existing data from our servers by clicking the button below.

opt out

In StoreSmarts we're 100% committed for keeping your privacy above all. For more information contact us.