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A Bird's Eye View of your Stores.

Some customers were so engaged by your window display, they ended up spending 2 hours shopping, others left because it was too crowded or didn't even bother to enter. Don’t you want to know why?

Using StoreSmarts you can finally hear that story - understand the full potential of your stores and monitor it in real time.

Birds Eye View of Your Store
Dashboard for DesktopMobile App

Data-Driven Decisions on the Fly.

Access StoreSmarts dashboards from anywhere, on any platform, and take the right decisions at the right time. The notifications and infographics will highlight for you the crucial things that your shoppers are telling you.

Zero-Hardware, NO-MESS

Implementing StoreSmarts is so easy!
Our software turns your existing POS / PC / router into a shopper-behavior sensor.
The installation is simple, smooth, and can be performed by anyone.

No Video Camera Installation Clutter
Easy to Implement - Download & Install
Easy to Implement - Calibration with your Smartphone
Easy to Implement - Start Getting Data!

Turn your Stores into Smart Stores.

There are stories your store wants to tell you, stories that will change your strategy and your way of thinking, stories that will save you loads of money and help you maximise sales.

We turn your store into a Smart Store
Take Action

Know what’s going on in your business and take action accordingly.

Attract More Shoppers

Finally find out what is the best window display using a scientific A/B test.

Evaluate Campaigns

Measure the effects of your marketing campaigns on your shoppers’ behavior.

Take Care of Loyal Shoppers

Enhance loyalty by knowing your shoppers’ behavior patterns and frequencies.

So Many Benefits
Compare Performance

Uncover issues and duplicate the recipes of your successful stores.

Identify Triggers

Integrate more data sources to see a bigger picture - POS, Staffing, Holidays, Weather.

Optimize Staff

Improve shopping experience and reduce costs by staffing it better.

Adjust Store Working Hours

Increase traffic by opening your stores at the right times and evaluate lease.

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